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23rd January 2018 
About Counselling. Relationships

Why Therapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you explore difficulties in your life that are causing you distress. It aims to help you gain insight into your life and establish a greater understanding of your motivation, enabling you to find effective ways of coping, generate change that would relieve psychological symptoms and improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Psychotherapy and counselling involves exploring your feelings, beliefs, and relevant events.You may wish to explore a specific issue or a more general feeling of discontent or distress. It can also provide an opportunity to become more aware of yourself and your 'place' in the wider world .

Are you experiencing difficulties with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Low self -esteem
  • Abuse, sexual, physical or emotional
  • Neglect
  • Loss/Bereavement
  • Work Problems
  • Redundancy
  • Parenting Difficulties
  • Pre or Post Natal Depression

    Whatever your issue, I commit to provide honest, warm and respectful engagement. My approach is based on providing opportunities for exploration, reflection, noting past experiences and future opportunities, accurate interpretation, and attending to your experience.

    Couples and Therapy

    I have experience and I welcome working with couples presenting with relationship difficulties, who wish to gain insight of their couple dynamic, improve their communication patterns and reach satisfaction in their relationship. I have delivered group work for couples and I have received appropriate training from the Tavistock Relationships (TR).

    In addition I have experience working with couples making the transition to parenthood aiming to strengthen their couple relationship, explore how to parent together and support fathers' involvement.

    Therapy for Parenting Issues

    Counselling and therapy can help parents in various ways.

    You might be struggling with a particular parenting challenge, be it a one-time event or recurring situation. You might worry that your child faces a mental health concern or behavioural issue.

    As a parent you might be focusing on helping your child but you might leave your own emotions and feelings unaddressed. This as a result might be harmful in some cases, as stress may accumulate and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

    I can help you explore and address your feelings about certain issues, offer support and guidance, and provide professional help for parenting issues and concerns.

    When parenting issues lead to stress, this stress may manifest itself through worry, depression, irritability or anger. When these conditions go untreated, the well-being of your children may be affected. I can help you address and treat these issues.

    Together we can think of ways that encouraging you to make time for yourself whenever possible and maintain a self-care routine.

    You might be also struggling with anger management or control issues. In therapy we can explore healthy and safe ways to address and manage thoughts and emotions and thus become better able to communicate with your partner or child.

    Young People and Therapy

    Are you struggling at school, university or college? You might be having issues with your parents, peers or both, or generally not feeling like yourself.

    I have a broad experience supporting young adults, due to my work experience in Middlesex University. Together we can explore current and past difficulties. Counselling and therapy can enable you to explore and express your feelings; to separate from school and home life and to get back enjoying your life and fulfill your potentials.

    My approach is that whatever your issue, whether it's depression and mental health concerns; stress about completing coursework or issues with parents or people at school/university, I am committed to be supportive, honest and give you time to open up. We can do this by talking therapy or we can use creative therapeutic interventions as Psychodrama and Art therapy.

    Counselling and Psychotherapy can help individuals and couples to:

  • Achieve a better understanding of themselves
  • Improve their well being - how you look after yourself and others
  • Manage transitions in life
  • Being Heard and Understood
  • Increase Inner Strength
  • Explore life intangibles and existential concerns
  • Achieve effective, coping mechanisms to deal with difficulties in life
  • Improve communication and satisfaction in personal relationships