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26th April 2018 

Professional Qualifications

  • MSc in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling (2004)
  • PG Dip in Supervising Psychotherapy (2006)
  • BA in Psychology (2000)
  • Accredited Group Worker in Parents as Partners Programme (Couple Work)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in CBT (2017)

    I have also undertaken additional training in the following modalities and areas:

  • Psychodrama
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Systemic Family Therapy
  • Adolescents and Mental Health Issues
  • Positive Parenting Programme (TRIPLE P)
  • Mentalisation Based Therapy

    Integrative Psychotherapy

    Integrative Psychotherapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies such as Psychodynamic, Person Centred, and Cognitive Behavioural Modalities.

    In my practice I am interested in you as a whole, wanting to hear about current difficulties but also past experiences. I tailor my therapeutic techniques to your individual needs and personal circumstances. My training is important to my practice and experience as I strongly believe that there are many ways in which human psychology can be explored and understood - no one theory holds the answer.

    The integrative approach also refers to the infusion of a person's personality and needs - integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects.

    Essentially, in my practice I am not only concerned with what works, but why it works - tailoring therapy to my clients and not the client to the therapy.

    Relationship Based Approach

    Based on the idea that strong and fulfilling relationships with other individuals can help people maintain emotional well-being, this model may be beneficial to people seeking therapy for any number of reasons, but in particular to address long-term emotional distress, especially when distress occurs as a result of relational concerns.

    As a therapist, I strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client is immensely important, thus I hope to facilitate a safe environment where you feel accepted, listened to and able to find your own voice.

    Personal Approach

    My aim is to offer a safe, empathetic and confidential space for you to explore your difficulties or issues that are causing you distress and enable you to achieve changes that would empower you to live your life fully.

    Just by talking to someone confidentially who is not part of your family or a friend could make all the difference

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